It’s finally here. Your customers no longer have to wait until the next business day to receive money in their bank account.

A number of factors go into assessing what level risk you might represent to a credit card processor and bank. This post will help you avoid wasting your time searching for the right provider and how to avoid getting ripped off.

ACH processing is a powerful, easy, and inexpensive tool to pay and get paid. Eliminating paper invoicing & mailing costs, improving your cash flow with automated recurring billing, and as a less costly alternative to credit cards.. ACH is a long-time favorite payment tool of many industries.

Check verification is a powerful tool that businesses can use to significantly reduce the risk of loss associated with accepting checks or processing ACH payments. The most common losses stem from NSF checks or ACH items being returned as NSF (non-sufficient funds). But there’s more to consider…

Customers have an itchy trigger finger today when it comes to reversing, or charging back, a transaction. In my experience working with merchants throughout the years here are some common sense techniques that can help reduce potential losses and keep your ACH account in good standing.