Send and Receive Secure Payments Via a “Digital Check”
With Only Name and Email

Get Your Account Activated In Less Than 1 Hour

  • FAST

    Digital checks are sent electronically and instantly. Ditch the snail mail

  • SAFE

    Payment data is tokenized, movement of data is encrypted, and all data is stored in PCI DSS offsite servers


    Send mass payouts instantly for far less than mailing checks

  • EASY for You (Payor)

    No setup fee, no application process, no minimums, and setup takes less than 1 hour.  Also, Payors only need to know the Payees Name, Email, and Dollar Amount (no bank account info needed).

  • EASY for Your Customer (Payee)

    Payees can deposit their Digital Checks from their internet connected device within 60 seconds. No more trips to the bank.

Build a robust platform for payments and receivables
without lifting a finger

Send multiple checks with a CSV

Receive multiple checks with our API

Advanced security and data encryption

Invest 7 minutes and see exactly what we can do for you